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What is a family law modification?

When a Texas marriage comes to its end the parties to the proceedings may do whatever they can to make their transitions into single life as smoothly as possible. Divorcing parents have extra considerations to manage as they work to provide their children with stability and calm as their marriages end. Those considerations may include the establishment of child support and custody plans that will foster their children's unique needs.

Over time, however, parents may find that the child custody, visitation, and support plans that they made do not provide their children with the best possible care. A parent may discover that they cannot have custody of their kids due to their work schedule and a change to their child custody order may be necessary. Additionally, a parent may lose their job and may become unable to pay child support for the benefit of their kids.

Can I take my child out of state after a divorce?

Child custody is one of the most difficult parts of divorce negotiations. Each parent wants to have influence over their child’s life and to either be the primary custodian or maintain day-to-day contact with the child.

That’s why custody is spelled out in divorce proceedings. It’s also why your ex-spouse needs to be notified of any changes in a timely manner and changes also need to be approved by the judge.

What to do when a child support order is ignored

Child support is an important source of financial sustenance for a child whose parents no longer live together. Child support is often ordered when parents go through divorces or when they choose to end their non-marital relationships in order to pursue futures separate and apart from each other. When Texas parents separate from their significant others, though, their responsibilities to their kids do not disappear.

This means that a parent cannot stop providing money for their child's care just because they no longer live with them. A parent who stops paying court-ordered or agreement-based child support may be subject to enforcement efforts and penalties from the courts for their delinquencies. One of the most common ways that child support orders are enforced is through the garnishment of the parents' wages.

Addressing business assets in a marital agreement

In the past, it was not uncommon for individuals to get married young and to build their lives and wealth with their spouses. Today, however, more and more people are holding off on marriage and establishing the careers before committing to long-term relationships. As a result, Austin residents may come into marriages with independent wealth that they would like to shelter from becoming marital assets.

Business and premarital separate assets can be addressed in premarital and post-marital agreements. These agreements are created between marital partners and can cover topics related to property and financial affairs. They cannot cover topics related to the custody and care of children, and there are other prohibited topics that may not be addressed in them.

What is the purpose of a paternity lawsuit?

The connection between a parent and their child is one of the strongest bonds that can ever be created. While the relationships between parents and their kids can wax and wane over time, the acknowledgement of their legal affiliation may forever keep them connected, despite the differences that may come between them. In Texas, when questions exist regarding the parentage of a child, a paternity lawsuit may be filed.

A paternity lawsuit attempts to establish or refute a biological relationship between a person and their alleged child. While it is often the case that paternity lawsuits concern children and their presumptive fathers, they can also control questions regarding children's biological mothers. During a paternity lawsuit, a presumptive parent and child may be required to submit to blood or genetic testing to determine if they are biologically related. If they are found to be related, certain rights and privileges may attach to their relationship.

Students sign prenups before saying “I do!”

Working through medical or law school is a transition period in your life. And it helps to find a partner who values education as much as you and wants to ensure a stable future for your relationship.

However, as student couples think about their futures, they also have to consider the few assets and loans they own. Between college loans and a high divorce rate, should they protect their assets before they commit to their significant other?

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