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Child Custody in a Paternity Suit

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Whether in a divorce, Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship (SAPCR), paternity or modification suit, child custody disputes are the most difficult and emotionally wrenching conflicts that clients face. We believe that clients should only fight in court about children, if no other option will keep the children healthy and safe. Attorney experience and good judgment are particularly important in child custody litigation. Our experience allows us to tell our clients how a court is likely to analyze their dispute. We are good at generating options to resolve child custody and visitation disputes out of court.
If custody litigation is necessary to protect the children, we know how to investigate and prepare a case to effectively demonstrate to a court how our child custody plan is best for the children.
Child custody litigation is expensive because it takes a great deal of attorney and paralegal time. To properly investigate and prepare a case for trial, we interview witnesses, work with children's mental health counselors, and help our clients make positive plans for their children. We work with our clients and their counselors to be sure that our clients are acting in the children's best interest as the case proceeds.