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Parents Arguing
Our office takes pride in the individual attention and counseling we provide to our clients who are going through a divorce. We understand that although we have been helping clients with divorce for over 40 years, most of our clients are going through the divorce process for the first time. Our office works with each client to successfully plan for the various stages of the divorce, from pre-divorce planning and initial separation to final property division and custody and support resolution. We help our clients plan their budgets, separate their household, gather information necessary to understand the property and debt to be divided. We work with our clients and their personal and financial counselors to make the best possible plans for children and for child support. We do our best to keep communications open with the opposing lawyer and to generate options for resolving conflicts. We have a good track record of resolving cases in mediation or before mediation.
If conflicts cannot be solved out of court, we have the experience and skill to try a divorce case efficiently and effectively.